Taco Tuesday

Jr. Vice Commander Eddy Lara is doing his proof of concept for Taco Tuesdays at the Post tonight. Targeting a 6pm - 6:30pm serving time, there are 80 beef and 40 chicken tacos available for only $3.00 for beef and $2.00 for chicken! This is not your run of the mill ground beef taco--the fajita meat is specially spiced and secretly sourced!



Canteen Construction Update

As part of our member approved updates to the social hall and canteen areas, our own CL Roy and his son Logan Roy (our Auxiliary President) came down this morning to get a new pathway set up for our soda lines. The new lines will run above the cabinetry so we can create an opening in the entrance side of the canteen bar without having to trench the concrete. Now that this work is complete we can get our soda service to run new lines in anticipation of the construction. Our Post Jr. Vice Commander Eddie Lara and Judge Advocate Clayton Hosterman moved the freezer yesterday to the opposite side of the ice machine so we now have a clear pathway for the new opening.

Step 1: Assess the work to be done:


Step 2: Create the new opening for the conduit


Step 3: Slide conduit in place


Step 4: Mission accomplished


Eddy and Clay moved the freezer before I could catch them in action yesterday. But here it is anyway:


Fourth of July Celebration!


The Post will open at 11 a.m. on Thursday July 4th to celebrate Independence Day.

12 Noon - 4 PM Patio Bar is open

12-Noon - 4PM Cruisin' Al will be in the Social Hall. Dancing recommended!

1 p.m. We will be serving brisket sliders and all the sides, and of course hot dogs! Donations to the Post kindly appreciated.

Everyone is welcome, so come on down!

Ice Machine Working

Stu and Brian were able to get electric in the new spot for the ice machine last night in a just in time project. Hats off, gents!

First part is the bin. Halfway there...


Run a new waterline (needs to be dressed out, but it's in)


Dale from Texas Ice Machine Co. and helper getting it done


Drain pipe needs some more work but it's a start


About 10;40 a.m. it's dropping ice


Even Doug approves


Ice Machine Prep


Stu Harvey, Harold Smith and I arrived at the Post yesterday morning at 7:30 a.m. to begin the demo and bar wall mods for the social hall. When we arrived, our trusty Trustee Doug Sanders was already there with kolaches.


Step 1 was to cut the carpet back to expose the underlying structure.


Measure the cutout for moving in/out of the ice machines.


We thought there was no electric at this end of the wall, but just in case Stu looked a little more. Good thing because the original cut depth might have been shocking.

missedthe wire

Here is the old non-working ice machine. It was pretty heavy so being able to slide it out sure beat trying to lift it out!


Next up we needed to do some clean out on the new location for the ice machine. Sawzall is our friend.


Give credit to those WWII guys--this stuff was built strong! It took a while but we got there and all that was left for demo day was the base clean up. Don't know what we would do without Harold.


Jimmy asked us what was up, so we showed him and got the Jimmy seal of approval.


In case you were wondering what my part was, it was the non-skilled labor job of holding things down, lifting things out, and hauling out the garbage, lol.

We have more work to do and a short amount of time before the ice machine is scheduled for delivery. We have to get a new jbox to plug in the ice machine. We also need to get a new floor drain installed, but won't be able to do that before tomorrow morning (machine is due to be delivered-installed). The existing drain is a little more than six feet from the new ice machine location; if we are lucky they will give us a pass until we have time to cut out some concrete for that drain.

With less than 24 hours we are a little anxious about the electric. Cross your fingers!

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